Collage Scrap Exchange!

A while ago I signed up for THIS little collage artist submission-ness. Basically you sign up and exchange scraps with someone else and make a collage! I was so happy to paired up with the beautiful illustrator Tammy Bennett! She's a really awesome artist and I can't believe I got paired up with her! I got my scraps around December and was so excited to receive such wonderful bits! This past weekend I finally got around to putting my collage together. I'm not going to lie I struggled with this one a bit. Collageing isn't my strongest skill! I'm still not super excited by how it turned out, but at least I did it! I think its cute and not "bad". I've a bad habit of comparing my work to the other submissions that have been posted. I hate that I do that, its terrible terrible...crazy self destructive remi-ness! Gah. I definitely need more practice!
The exchange is sponsored by Brown Paper Bag and Papirmass! I've always wanted a subscription to Papiermass, but figured I should wait until I have an empty home that needs some art loves! They're awesome and worth checking out! Do you make collages? Any tips and tricks for me?


  1. I love your collage! It's great c:


  2. This is awesome! Great job lady :)