Out Going Mail: Valentine-ish.

This weekend I made some Valentines! I needed a nice sturdy envelope to put my mini zines so I figured why not make my own outta heavy duty water color paper! I had way to much fun spending all afternoon water coloring and making patterns! So I thought I'd share! 
 I folded the paper in half and did a streaky base coat with my water colors.
 Then I added some patterns on top once it had dried! I didn't want them to be too mushy so I did some blue, green and yellow colors.
But of course I couldn't leave out the pink an purples!
To close up my thick water color paper "envelopes" I stitched up the sides! I've been in to stitching and embroidery lately so I thought it would be fun! 
Stitching these up was surprisingly easy! I will definitely be making these again! Lets just hope they hold up in the mail. 

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