New Mini-Zine!

Normally every year for Valentines day I make my pen pals a mix cd and some cheesy creepy card, but this year I decided to do a mini zine instead! Mostly cause I use spotify these days so burning a mix is a bit tedious! I'm really happy how it turned out! I've been really working on my collage-ing skills so these mini zines are excellent practice! I only wish that I could afford to print them in color cause the colors are way neat! It still looks good in grey too! Letters #1 is kinda mushy and sweet, like a Valentine should be! Love Letters #2 is a bit of a downer I'm not gonna lie. Its more of the bad end of a relationship and all the crappy-ness that comes from finding love or losing it. I think they're fun to read together so I've been sending them out as a pair!
Like always I'm up for zine swaps-ies OR if you just want one I'd love to send you one! Just email me at I promise I won't send you any junk or spam, just a few mini zines and a nice note! If you don't make zines then I think you should! You can make them about anything! If you already make a zine then link it up in the comments. I always love seeing the amazing things people come up with!