Lovely Things: Treat Yo Self!

Since I've just survived Valentines as a single lady I figured I should treat myself! Although my amazing parents did get me a cool gifty for the silly holiday, I still feel like I should treat myself to something! There's so many beautiful things I just want them all!
Peanut butter and jelly doughnuts?! Yes please. (paper'n stitch) 
Amazing water color! (source)
I've been loving long baths lately! I've stocked up on my lush products but I really want to try these bath melts. I mean, how lovely is that box! Its like a box of chocolates!! (Blossom Valley)
I've been diving into the makeup world lately and am wanting to go towards more natural base products. I found this amazing sandalwood blush on etsy! Sandalwood is my all time favorite smell! I can't wait to try it out. (Good 4 You)
Aren't these unicorn horns from lush just amazing?! The only bad this is that they are limited edition and sold out pretty much everywhere. Oh well, maybe they'll make them again since they were such a hit! Cute and clever, i love it! (Lush)
 I'm such a sucker for a good tee shirt! This one takes the cake. So cute and sassy! I love how dorky and sweet sloths are! (Culture Flock Clothing) 
Polka dot shoes! I'm no the quest for new shoes ever since my favorite ones started getting hole on the sides. I think these are just about perfect! (UrbanOg)

So many lovely things! Never enough monies! 

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