Song and Doodle #32

This weeks song and doodle I was going to pick a song off of Shakey Grave's newest album. Upon tracking though it, over and over, I couldn't pick just one! This album has only been out for a couple days and I'm sure I've listened to it a million times! (not really but you get my point!) So I decided to share the entire album with you! This is for sure my favorite album that has come out in 2014! Its way more sophisticated then his past recordings. He's added more lo-fi sound in tracks like Call it Heaven and Family & Genus. And kept his amazing guitar skills in the tracks Perfect Parts and If Not For You. He also continually has sickly sly lyrics and catchy hooks. Dearly Departed will stay with you for days and never leave your head! From start to finish you'll just melt into his alternative country guitar riffs with percussion that will resonate in places of your heart you've forgotten about. This guy is just a force to be had and I adore it. I could go on about it, but its better if you just listen to it yourself! Let me know what you think! 

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