Weekend Adventures!

The fall is always full of fallish activities! So weekends have been pretty busy around here. Between pumpkins, corn mazes and costume making there not enough time!! This weekend we first tackled pumpkin carving! My sister bought these HUGE pumpkins that were so much fun to dive into. I'll admit it was a lot of work to clean the things out, but afterwards you had so much room to carve whatever face you wanted too. I love how everyones pumpkins ended up matching their personalities.
Zoei's happy pumpkin! This one looks like too much sugar and giggles to me! Just like her! 
 Anney's pumpkin was a graveyard landscape. Hers as bit smaller but has the coolest stem. The thing is huge!
 LC's pumpkin was so big that she could do 2 faces! For being a youngin' she did an excellent job!
 I'm super impressed by her carving skills. The addition of her mini pumpkin is adorable.
My pumpkin! I tried to make it evil but poor planning caused me to accidentally chop off his teeth. Oopsy. Still turned out kinda scary! 
 PART TWO: The second half of our weekend we went to the corn maze! There is a lovely little corn maze in Provo in McCoard's Gardens. I love supporting local business and this little farm put together a pretty neat maze! They also have zombie shooting at night. I was too chicken to do it, but everyone else said it was crazy fun! If you live in the Utah County area definitely check it out!
I adore these two cuties! What a successful weekend! The weather was perfect and the company was beautiful. I love the fall and was reminded why these past few days. Times like this are just what I need to pick myself out of my rut!

I hope you all had lovely weekends! Are you as busy as I seem to be lately? *sigh* How do you handle it??

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