List of Thoughts as of Late

1. Fall is being good to me so far. Aside from the current break out on my face. gah. 
2. THIS video made me laugh more then it should have! 
3. Finally decided on my halloween costume. Let the crafting begin! 
4. Seems like every weekend has been busy lately. Since when did I have a busy life?
5. I've a new favorite cake blog, Coco Cake Land. So much pretty. 
6. I'm in a mood to bake! I think its time for some fall treats! THESE maybe?
7. I'm not sleeping very good lately. I'm not sure why, but nightmares and late to work need to stop! 
8. My new favorite artist is Camilla D'Errico. She's amazing and I can't stop obsessing. 
9. I got a new watercolor set and I'm having way to much fun with it. See HERE!
10. THIS song is the essence of fall and even has FALL in the name! hehe 

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