Fall-ish Tunes.

Hello lovelies! I've been quite busy this week. Abnormally so, encasing myself in over ambitious crafty adventures! My fingers hurt and I'm sleep deprived but damn my Halloween costume is gonna look good! In the midst of it all I felt like I neglected my blog this week. I even had some good idea for posts this week. Time just slipped though my fingers. On the bright side Friday is just about upon us. Until I can get around to writing some posts with some actual substance, here is a Fall-ish playlist. Now upon listening to this wonderful little collection you might find that they don't really have a "fall" theme. But there is a certain style of music that always reminds me of the seasons changing and the migration of shorts into closet drawers and crawling into over sized sweaters. Even if this playlist doesn't remind you of fall, I hope you at least find one song on here that warms your soul just a wee bit! 
Happy (harvest/ season migration/ Halloween/spooky days/ autumn)

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