Halloween Postcards!

I decided this year that I'm going to send out Halloween postcards! Also because I haven't been keeping up on my letter writing lately. My reply pile is out of control! There comes a point where its just awkward to reply and all the things they wrote about are out of date. So my solution is just to send a postcard. I might lose a few pen pals, but at least I know I didn't leave a letter un-replied too! I'm really excited about these post cards. Its been a while since I messed around in illustrator or photoshop. I think they turned out pretty well. I used some old lomo photos I took and some fonts that I drew. Plus little ghostys! 

If you'd like a Halloween postcard I'd love to send you one! Just go HERE! I'll write you a little spooooky message! Everyone likes getting mail right?
What you do think? Are you a halloween-er? Not really my thing, but it is fun isn't it?

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