Lovely Things: Videos!

It seems like a long time since I've shared a handful of videos. I've come across some really lovely ones lately that I just needed to share. I hope you like these! If you wander upon something that looks like I might like, please share!
I'm pretty sure now I need to create a epic recipe book to pass down to my children!
Amazing band and epic cover of an amazing song! Big Tree + Sylvan Esso= heart melting
I couldn't leave Mr. James out of the beautifulness. 
This one is a wee bit long. But oh so beautiful. I'll admit I teared up a little bit. Oh the feelings!
I really wanted to share THIS video, but it was another lengthy one. So I chose this one instead. Man, this girlys voice is to die for. So unique and odd, but graceful. So magical! 

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