Lovely Things: Tattoos!

I was talking to my friend the other night about tattoos. Ever since Zoei got one I've been itching to get one! Although I think my anxiety will probably prevent me. BUT I'm always on the look out for cool ideas, so I thought I'd share some with you! 
I need to get married so I can make my husband get a cute matching tattoo with me! (source)
 I've already decided that I want a honey bee tattoo. Something elegant and creepy cute, kinda like the one on her thigh but more cute! Plus I'm love the little florally embellishments! (source)
I love the placement of this tattoo. Although I'm sure it would hurt pretty badly, BUT is the prefect place for mandala design. (source)
I'm really digging this owl. I love animal tattoos that are more illustration then realistic. (source)
Speaking of animal tattoos! How amazing is this octopus! I love tattoos with stipple work. I wonder if dots hurt more or less? (source)
Cute bear tattoos! I love geometric designs! (source) 

Sigh. Tattoos are awesome! I wish I had the money and the guts to get one! Maybe one day right?


  1. omg. this post. the first tattoo--ahh i'm having an 'i want that' melt down...idk if i could take the concentrated pain of getting one but these are giving me serious life. I would definitely want something floral and I love the monochrome look too.

    1. I know! I love monochrome tattoos! So many beautiful designs out there!