Lovely Things: Pencils

I was sketching the other day and realized how awesome pencils are. I mean I'm more of a pen person but I always sketch in pencil first. So heres my pencil appreciation post and findings! 
The most important part of pencils (or pens) is having a place to keep them organized! So a pencil case is a must! I'm loving this blue and peachy one from THIS shop. But I'd love to get my hands on THIS one! 
Customizable pencils! I'm pretty sure I'd go crazy trying to think of clever things to put on these pencils. I thought that it would be neat to make custom pencils for all my pen pals. Find them HERE
Adorable twig pencils! Not very practical but they look way neat! You can find them HERE

Now I know this video seems a bit long, but watch it! It gets more funny near the end. You can read more about artisanal pencil sharpening HERE
Isn't this amazing! In my head the artist uses teeny tiny tools to cave these teeny tiny sculptures! Some people have some crazy mad skills! See more of his work HERE

Vintage mechanical pencils! I love vintage and I love pencils so I'm completely smitten over these! You can find more cool vintage office supplies over at Rad and Hungry! They also have an awesome subscription box you can get. I'm already signed up for way to many of those boxes! 

So many pencils not enough time! 

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