A Few Random Drawings!

For those of you that follow me on instagram you've probably already seen these! BUT I wanted to share them again! I've been doodling a ton lately. My doodles always correlate with my mood, so I always know when I'm in a good mood by how successful my doodles are. It took me a while to realize that. I was talking about an "artists style" with a pen pal the other day. I realized that I still have a lot of figure out about my "style" and what kinda niche I wanna fall into artistically. I do feel like all my doodles have a correlated feel to them. But my style is still very obviously developing. Anyways, enough ranting!
Fathers day card!

I'm doing some drawing challenges with a friend of mine. The prompt was dream tree. So this is my nightmare/scary dream tree! 

Poem I wrote for my pen pal! 

Page from my art journal!

Noodle monster I drew the other night! Aren't his little socks the cutest! 

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