List of Thoughts as of Late!

  1. I'm always completely taken away by all the beautiful people I'm surrounded by. I think I forget to appreciate their loveliness and admire it while I have it. 
  2. My sleeping is totally messed up. I'm not sure what to do about it! 
  3. I've started up doing 7 minute work outs again. Not sure how long I can keep it up. But right now my legs feel like noodles! 
  4. I'm pretty stoked for Alt-J's new album. The released one new song that you can find HERE
  5. Feel like I'm in a music slump. Which is never fun. Any suggestions?
  6. I've been watching a ton of Top Gear lately. Definitely thinking I need to work on getting my license! 
  7. The weather tonight is delightfully cold for a mid-June evening! I'm a fan of chilly nights! 
  8. Chilly nights make me want to go CAMPING! 
  9. Speaking of summer-- I need to get my legs in the sun! I wore a skirt the other day and was embarrassed by my glow in the dark legs. I'm the whitest hawaiian ever! 
  10. I need to buy more dresses and shorts! Probably also invest in some razors so I don't have to strut my hairy legs around!

1 comment:

  1. I recently underwent a sleep test and discovered I had severe sleep apnea. I'm getting my CPAP machine soon. The loaner machine they assigned me worked wonders. I slept better with it. So, now I'm looking forward to getting my own machine and sleeping better. If you have been experiencing sleep troubles often, you should check with your doctor for a sleep study.

    I'm interested to learn how the 7-minute workout goes. Do you do H.I.I.T. with it?