Lost Letter

This post is WAY over due. But I totally forgot where I put this picture and I finally found it today! So last fall I sent my sister in the Philippines this awesome letter. It was one of my favorite envelopes that I've doodled on! (You can see the whole envelope here!) So I was way bummed when she said she never got it! I mean this happens every once in a while. Anyone that sends mail frequently is unfortunately aware that its not the most reliable and things sometimes get lost. It happens to be a part of the postal system that I find mysterious and magical. Then when my sister was visiting in March for a couple weeks her letter got returned to me! I mean, what are the odds?! I was super stoked and the timing was magical. I've no idea what I wrote in the letter and I'm sure my ramblings were a bit out dated. But I love that it eventually found its way to her! If thats not magic then I'm not sure what is!

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