Artsy Mail-ness #2

A while ago I post THIS post about some amazing mail art that I had gotten. Well that same pen pal sent me another amazing letter and I just had to share it! She's pretty much amazing! I'll admit I'm embarrassed that it always takes me so long to respond, it's only cause I spend a lot of time on the letters I send her! Nothing is worse the putting a TON of effort into a letter only to get a lame reply back. I'm really happy how my reply turned out! Its probably one of my favorite letters I've ever written. 

What she sent to me! 
What I sent:

Yay for artsy mail! 


  1. Woooooow this is great for inspiration! Both of your mail is pretty awesome!

  2. I know! I always feel like I'm competing a bit with her to see who can come up with the most creative idea!