My new favorite thing to wear are brooches! I did a few posts about them a while ago. They're really trendy and come in all shapes and sizes. Which I love! I've found that they are also really affordable! I wanted to share my mini-brooch/ pin collection!

Starting with the wee little ones! I got the heart brooch HERE! I got the fox brooch at a craft fair and I got the Niagara Falls pin from a pen pal! 
I don't wear this one often because its fairly large. BUT I love it because I love LOVE letters! I bought it HERE
I'm so happy I snatched these up from the Love Parcel when I did cause the next day they were all sold out! I like this grey one cause it matches any sweater! 
This is the first brooch that I ever got. I actually won it! Which is awesome! You can read about it HERE! And you can find more in there Etsy shop HERE
Itty bitty pins! The craftsmanship on these is amazing! I get the most compliments on the mini tooth one! I bought them HERE
Little mushrooms! I love these cause they're the prefect size, not to big and not to small! Also they are light weight so they aren't dragging down your top the whole day! I bought them HERE
I got this one the same SHOP! They have tons of different ones that are really affordable and are impeccably made! I love mine! 

Phew! So there you have it! I'm hoping to get more cause I just love how artsy they are! It like wearing mini art around! Hopefully I can make some of my own if I ever find time! 


  1. Those are lovely! I only have ladybug brooches. Most of my other pins are on a band hat. They consist of scorpions, Jack and Sally, and bunch of band/music stuff. This is a great post!