Lovely Things: Zines!

I'm such a fan of zines and I've done lots of blog post about them. (Usually about the ones that I make!) But, theres a ton of zines you can buy on Etsy! (Well also other places, but I love Etsy!) The awesome things about zines is that they are fairly cheap. Also you're totally supporting someones creativeness! Which makes you feel twice as good about buying it. Also I like to think they put the money back into make more art, but I could be wrong about that. Anyways, here are my zine findings! Theres lots of kinds of zines so I broke it up into my favorite kinds! Activity, DIY, mini and poetry!

I still have my mini haiku zine if you'd like one! I hoping that I get another one done soon! Sigh, never enough time! 

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