Stamp Increase!

Photo found HERE! 

The lady at office depot so kindly informed me that stamp prices are about to go up again. I refused to believe her and decided to google it myself. looks like she was right! (Now I feel bad for giving her an eye roll!) But its TRUE! Can't say that I'm too terribly surprised. I was kinda bummed but then realized that expensive postage is better then not having any postal system at all! I love snail mail so much! I'm sure if and when the united states postal system goes kaput, that some other company will pick up all the slack. But there is something historical and romantic about the postal system. I'd hate to see it go. So, to show them my love I'll continue to buy their expensive stamps! Although yes, I will complain about it occasionally!

Long story short I'm super glad that I stocked up on all my stamps before the increase!  Luckily for us they made forever stamps, so if you've stocked up then you don't have to buy additional postage stamps. I wonder when they'll make postcard forever stamps..or does it just get to complicated at that point? Anyways, you can read more about it HERE!

As always, SEND MORE MAIL!

P.S. How awesome is THIS tattoo! 

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