List of Thoughts as of Late!

Things that have been on my mind:
1) Why do your finger nails grow so fast?
2) Weekends need to be longer!
3) Why do I sign up for the sketchbook project then wait until the last minute to do it?
4) The weather is indecisively cold. I'm not even sure how to dress anymore.
5) God? Religion? Feels like a mush in my head.
6) Top Gear is awesome! How am I just now finding this out?
7) Finally bought a planner. Now I need to fill the darn thing out!
8) I'm so in love with THESE and THOSE!
9) I should bake more because cookies sound pretty much amazing right now.
10) I pretty much despise cleaning out the fridge. But it is one of those things is HAS to be done. Or else you really suffer the consequences!

Hope you all have a successful week!

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