Snail Mail Findings!

This is a cool DIY idea to spruce up some post cards! I love the idea of reinventing old items. You can read more about it HERE!

I'm always on the look out for new stationery! Seems like most note cards don't have enough room to write and most letter sets are a bit unaffordable. So I think THESE meet in the middle very nicely. Plus they have tons of affordable printables in their Etsy shop as well! Oh and you can read their snail mail blog here! 

Personalize note pad!! Wouldn't this be awesome to use to writer letters on?! Plus I'm loving the trendy triangle thing. Found in the Pencil Shavings Studio Etsy shop

I'm loving this drawing to show the stamp increase! I wanna make one of these to put up in my room! Made by the lovely Letter Writers Alliance ladies!

Theres so much neat stationery out there! I'm glad that I'm not completely self indulgent, cause if I was I would be broke and have a massive stash! Oh, I also found THIS lil' post that I thought was awesome! She made a few really good points that I wish I knew when I was starting out on my snail mail adventures! 

Phew! Is it Friday yet?!

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