List of Thoughts!

Lis of thoughts as of late:
1- Why is my skin so bad?
2- Why am I so sleepy, angry and HUNGRY?
3- Oh, that's right...I'm a girl and the menstrual cycle is basically the bane of my existence.
4- I feel like I want to write something, but I'm not a writer. I should still write something though.
5- It scares me how love and hate are so closely correlated.
6- I wonder how long it'll take me saying "i'm not a writer" for me just to prove myself wrong.
7- I think I just wasted 8 hours listening to triple j top, worth it!
8- Most people don't see how beautiful and wonderful they are.
9- My insides feel so conflicted these days. I'm just hoping that in the end I'll come out ahead.
10- I'm no going to lie..THIS..gave me nightmares.

I need to stop thinking and get some sleep! Oh my I love you all so much.

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