New Years Resolutions!

Phew! I can't believe its been a whole year since I started my blog! It is now officially one year old!! I'm not sure if I actually accomplished anything on my last years LIST. But one thing I have stuck with was writing this blog! I'm come to love the lil circle of friends I've found and blogs that I read. I've become quite infatuated with the lil blogging universe I find myself in the midst of.

So let's review! Last years accomplishments!
1- Be more healthy? Errr...nope! If anything I've gotten worse and gained about 10 pounds. So, yeah I don't want to think about that one any more!
2- Take more photos of myself? Hells yes! I've discovered that I'm actually quite pretty in my own unique way AND have been including myself in photos and admittedly yes, taking selfies. (I even have a picture of me in my side bar now!!)
3-Be more social? Umm... I do get out more, but as far as socializing..not so much. Baby steps?
4-Share more art? Yeah I think I've made some good progress on this one. I post lots of my doodles on here and send lots of drawings to my pen pals. Although I need to work on writing more!
5-Learn more bar chords on the ukulele? Hells yes! I've improved sooo much on the ukulele and one of these days I'll gain the confidence to play in front of more people!
6-Be positive? Let's just say I've had my bad days and good days!
7- Blog more consistently and be organized? Consistent, why yes! (December doesn't count!) I do need to work on the organized part!

Out with the old and on to the NEW! 2014 resolutions!
1- Write a book! I know, I know...I'm not a writer. But I really want to illustrate and compile a lil book of short stories. Something I can hold in my hands and say THIS IS WHAT I'VE CREATED! I think a year should be enough time right?

2- Sing more songs! I need to find my confidence! I want to play the ukulele for people and share the songs I've written. I don't want not turn beet red every time! Plus singing always improves my mood. 2014 needs to be less moody!

3-Get organized! I've been inspired by THIS to get a blogging calendar together! I also need to keep better track of bills and what nots, all around just organize myself a bit. My life is a mess I need to get it back on track!

4- Socialize! Yeah I know this was on last years list. But I really need to get out. I'm such a lil'hermit crab! I'm on the quest of join a club or group of some sort. Just ANYTHING that pushes me and will help me find more like minded people! Also getting dressed up and going on a date can't hurt anything! My lack of friends and dating is quite embarrassing and needs improvement!

5- Open an Etsy shop! I've always wanted to make stationery and envelopes to sell and maybe any other stuffs I'm currently creating. Mostly so I can get more money to put into more mail art. Also I love making stationery! I think the project will also keep my outta the deep depths of the sadness I can fall into. I'm always happiest when creating. So I think having somethings that I HAVE to do will keep me away from my moodiness!

Phew! So there you have it! I'm super long New Years resolution post! I really hope 2014 is good to me. I've had enough moodiness for 2 years now. Its about time things turned around! What are some of your goals? Are you a resolution kinda person?

I hope all you beautiful people have an AMAZING 2014! Give 'em hell!

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