Paper Making Adventures!

This weekend I finally got around to trying my hand at paper making! I got an amazing kit for Christmas and have been dragging my feet buying the rest of the supplies needed. Since it was a long weekend I figured now would be the perfect time! Overall I think it turned out pretty well! I definitely learned a lot and am excited to try it again.

I realized that I needed to blend up my pulp a little bit more, I left it in large chuck its. It turned out alright though cause my paper has little letters, but next time I think I'll blend it more. 
 The kit that I got was from THIS company. It comes with everything except a blender and the recycled paper! The instructions got a wee bit confusing, but theres a few good youtube vidoes out there that show the process also THIS blog post was really helpful!
 My pulp was pretty grey-ish, but when it dried it lightened up a little bit.
I added in some flower petals which came in the kit! I should've mixed them better and swirled them in a bit more, they seem to just sit on top the paper. BUT now I know for next time!
They took a surprisingly long time to dry. I was a bit nervous cause they were getting quite curly and wobbly. After they were completely dry I stuck them under a book and they flattened out! I did loose some of the flower petals once they were dry, they just kept flaking off. Which was probably from my lack of swirling! 

I had a surprisingly fun day pulling paper all by myself! I can't wait to give it another go!

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