August Art Journal!

My last journal was a little too much commitment for me so now I've switched to some small hand made little books. I made this last months book out of an old envelope and some scrap paper. I loved it so much I used another envelope to make Septembers notebook, although a little bit smaller and thicker paper! This year has been full of so many twists and turns that I'm so grateful that I have my own little way of documenting it. I was recently looking back though all my journals. I started in 2014! So I've quite the collection growing and I can't help but think when I'm really old I'm going to love having these! Anyways, here is August's art journal!
 Air mail envelope!
 Little honey bee fold out!
 This hedgehog turned out more hairy looking then pokey.


  1. Well this answers my question about making your own notebooks! I was wondering how you know how many pages to put in them? How many do you use each month?

    1. Oh sometimes I don't make them and I'll just compile multiple months into one book until i'm out of space. The pages kinda vary though out the month, sometimes I've lots to say and sometimes I get lazy and will only do 5-6 pages for the month. I've found I'm more productive with the mini size cause I can get them done quicker! haha I don't worry about how many pages because I can always glue or tape in little fold outs for extra writing space or add an envelope to stick little notes in and I gain extra space that way. Its super fun!

      Also I'm loving your blog! I need to take a minute to scroll though more!