Out Going Mail!

I recently bought some of these really cool spray ink mix media stuff, like THESE! I was testing them out and ended up using some envelopes and cards as testers. I'm on this mixed media trip lately. I've watched way to many art journal videos and have a long list of things I'd like to try and products that seem like must haves and haunt my dreams! Every once in a while I treat myself to something new and these spray inks are definitely a treat! They are messy and unpredictable and unique and challenging and did I mention messy?? I think I'm getting into the swing of things. I still watch the tutorial videos before and during! Overall I think these turned out pretty neat! I'm loving my new tools! I got a whole new art journal just for experimenting and doing tests! I'm sure I'll share some pages soon! 
 I added the "hellos" with a bit of my homemade paper!
 Really diggin the purple-blue watery-ness!
These were a bit more messy, but I blame the orange envelopes to start out with!

Three cheers for messy mail art!

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