List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- This summer hasn't been very good for my little blog lately. On the bright side I feel like I've done a good job at keeping up with my snail mail and art journal.
2- THIS giant pop-tart cake looks pretty much amazing and I'm going to save this recipe for birthday season next year!
3- School has started and it feels like summer is officially over. If I'm being honest I'm kinda excited for fall! The beginning of this year hasn't been too good to me, I've high hopes for the last bit.
4- "In a jar" recipes are really popular lately and I must say I'm not objecting it at all! THIS recipe for lasagna in a jar looks fantastic! Although I'm a bit weary about baking stuff in jars, in my head it doesn't quite work out.
5- I bought new glass from Eye Buy Direct. I think they're real lovely! I got THESE ones!
6- I also updated my side bar photo! I'm wearing my snazzy new glasses, also I felt like black and white made my skin look better. Ha.
7- I've been debating updated my entire blog layout but then I remember how much work it is and maybe I should start posting regularly before I take the time to re-do it all.
8- I have been painting a ton lately! (As I posted earlier) I'm happy to say my creativeness hasn't been fading lately!
9- I'm hoping that I can get my Etsy shop going soonish. I really want to re-do all my banners and icons before posting anything new. I have lots of ideas for new stuff and lost of paint-ish postcards that I'm excited for!
10- Does anyone watch Stranger Things on Netflix? What do you think? Everyone keeps going on about it, but I haven't gotten myself to watch it yet.

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