Lovely Things: Snail Mail Love!

Its not a secret that I love snail mail. I think its such an amazing hobby and everyone should at least give it a go once! Sometimes it can feel like work, but I still get great joy in the end. Even if sometimes I don't feel like writing or creating letters. I've been staring at my computer for a while now and couldn't come up with anything to share, so I thought I'd share some snail mail loves I've found lately. I get overly excited when I find cool mail related things! 
I adore this tiny tattoo and really wanna get one some day! 
Snail Mail My Email is doing there last round this November. Sign up now before its too late! 
 Amazing mail love stickers
Because sometimes its hard to find something to write about, this zine is very helpful! 
Teeny lapel pin that is a must for my collection! 
And last but not least, cute clippings are always handy to have when creating cool mail art, or journaling! 


  1. Thanks for mentioning my zine, Remi! <3

    And gosh. I'm loving that tattoo in the first photo. Now I kind of want one too! haha