Lovely Things: Food

When I'm in a crummy mood I eat. I know its incredibly unhealthy but sometimes its the only thing that makes the world feel ok. Lately my emotions have been making me feel pretty crummy, so I'm craving some comfort food. Heres some food findings I found on the interweb!
Ready to eat cookie dough! Its eat-able and won't make you sick! Such a brilliant idea. This s'more flavor has my name all over it. 
I"m a sucker for anything dough and sweet! Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite things but I'd love to give these pecan sticky buns a go! 
Caramel and marshmallows? Carmallows?!  Whats not to love! 
Nothing is more comforting then coms sweet fluffy bread! Hokkaido Milk Toast 
 I had to add in a savory finding! These curry chicken sandwiches are just the best! I convinced Zoei to make them the other week. So yummy!
 Last but not least a lovely Etsy find that our kitchen needs! I just love the name stamped into the lid. So cute! GneissSpice Etsy store

Hope you all have a lovely week! Happy Monday! 

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