Readings: Mystery Books

I've been reading a ton lately! All thanks to my Osyter Books subscription. I have a hard time finding a book that I can actually finish. Theres nothing crappier then paying for a book you never finish! Thats partly why I love going to the library so much. I check out 10 books and only ready one. BUT life is too hectic these days to go peruse a library, so Osyter it is! I'm liking it so far. There are some books that I found on good reads that aren't under there unlimited section, but I've been able to find quite a few others that I've enjoyed!

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Nice little mystery book. I liked the way it flipped back and forth between the past and present. Lots of twists and turns, which always make for a good story! The only thing that I didn't like too much about it was the ending. It built it up SO much then was over all of a sudden. Overall I'd recommend this book if you're a mystery book kinda girl like me! 

Alright so I'm not too happy to admit it, but I love sappy mystery romance books! They are just fun and exciting to read! Plus my love life has gone down the drain recently so its nice to read a story about a successfully happy romance. Plus I'm a sucker for mystery books. Combine them both and I'm one happy girl. Overall I really enjoyed this book. Its witty and moved quickly. The only thing I didn't like was the resolution. It just seemed very disjointed to me. Seemed like it came out of the blue. BUT I did like that it wrapped everything up nicely. Thats always a plus! 

Phew! What have you been reading lately? Any suggestions?

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