Hair Plopping?

So a little bit ago I saw this link on Facebook about plopping. The post wasn't really all that clear on what it was, so decided to look it up! I guess I'm behind the times and a bit of old news, but I decided to give it ago. I wanted to share my results! Now as my hair gets longer the curl in it kinda loses its gusto. SO I thought this would be a good solution! HERE is this neat link and THIS video.
I think it turned out pretty well! Not crazy curly but pretty wavy and hella effortless! Way easier then my normal flat iron waves and doesn't make my hair as dry! Things I would suggest. 1) Using a long sleeve tee-shirt that way you can wrap the arms around and secure it tightly. 2) Put product in your hair before wrapping it up. I've been using THIS be curly stuff from Aveda. (Aveda is my favorite although it totally busts the bank!) 3) The longer the better! I noticed the closer my hair is to dry the better the curls. 4) If you have fringe leave it out of the plop! If you group your bangs in with the curly-ness they kinda get crazy, but I found if I comb them down first then they are more manageable. 

So what do you think? Have you tried plopping and have you had any sucess? Any tips to add to my list?

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