Time has gotten away from me again. I hate when that happens cause my poor lil'blog gets lost in the ruckus! Work has been busy, I have been tired. I've been trying me bestest to catch up with all my mail! I had the grand plan on Friday to get my blog all organized and up to date for the next week. I sat down on Friday night and realized that our internet wasn't working. So we would need the fixer guy to come out and well... fix it! That ruined all my great organizing weekend plans! On the bright side I got a TON of letters written this weekend! All my laundry done and hung up! Also some much needed sleep! I'm glad to say I'm getting back on track with the blog-ness. 

I also took some instax photos this weekend and wrote a few poems that I can't wait to share with all of you! I hope you all survived Monday and are off to a good start for this week! 

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