Mini Art Journal

So I was sitting in church a long while ago. This girl that was sitting in front of my was writing in a journal of hers. I was watching her flip though it and man that thing was FULL! Every margin had something written it! I started thinking I wanted to do something like that. I've never been good at journaling. I'd do an entry every blue moon and then would lose the book or rip out the blank pages to write letters on. I started to look up some different journaling techniques and tactics to keep you on track. I decided to do a art journal! I set up a few rules for myself so I would keep on track. I decided to do a entry every other day at the very least. Also I would do one mini paragraph or a drawing. So If I had a day that I didn't feel was overly adventurous I'd just do a drawing! Anyways here's my April chunk it of my journal! I didn't share all the pages just my favorites.

The journal I'm using is THIS mini moleskin one! I thought smaller would be less intimidating.

I'm also trying to add as many tickets/receipts/scraps as I can. I've never been good at collages so maybe this will help!

Getting ready for the month of May! I'm hoping that I can keep this up for the rest of the year! I also think I need to make some of THESE to use in my journal! 

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  1. Lovely Remi! I love getting peeks into people's sketchbooks and journals. Makes me want to grab mine and just start filling it up :)