Weekend Adventures!

I got baptized this weekend! I'm not going to go into too much detail about it ALL. Mostly cause I've taken a personal approach to the whole thing. Also it hardly never ever comes up on my blog. But I did want to express how loved and special I did feel all weekend! There are so many beautiful things in this world my tiny brain can't comprehend most of them! Is kind of amazing to get to be apart of it, don't you think?
Oh my I'm such a turd when it comes to taking pictures. I win the prize for most un-photogenic person hands down every time! As I'm looking though all the pictures I'm just thinking about how many bad photos of me were taken this weekend. Cause let me tell you there were a LOT of photos taken! 
For being incredibly busy I still found time to nap! Ok and I probably stressed myself out way to much anyways and the nap was needed to recover! 
What a weekend! I've gotten behind on my blog posts and responding to my letters! Ugh, theres never enough time. I'm loving this Mason Jennings song. He's been on repeat all weekend! I need a weekend from my weekend! I hope you all had a lovely weekend AND mothers day! (You thought I forgot didn't you! Well I did a little bit) I hope that you all are filled with love and sunshine! 

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  1. You are an awesome person with so many of the Ah Sam traits. LOL! Sorry, but I passed those to my children, too. Always...many hugs (wanted or not) LOL!