Weekend Sun Adventures!

I had a surprisingly delightful weekend! I wasn't looking forward to yet another busy weekend, but I had so much fun. On Saturday my whole family went mini-golfing for my brother in law and sisters birthdays! It has been ages since I was mini golfing and thought for sure that I wouldn't like it. I'm not too coordinated when it comes to that kinda stuff. (I did swing and miss the ball quite a few times, but don't tell anyone!) The only down fall was that I didn't realize how sunny it was going to be. At first I was wearing a sweater and felt like I was getting a bit hot. So I took my sweater off BIG MISTAKE. I got soooo sun burnt. I feel like I got it worse then anyone else for some reason. It might be because I didn't get a tan last summer while the rest of my sisters did OR it could be the fact that I was wearing a tank top and everyone else was wearing tee shits. Either way, I'm super ouchy and which is no fun! 
I'm also pretty much in love with Arizona peach ice tea. I like it cause its so cheap and peachy!! Normally in Draper you can't find it at the grocery store. They have all the other flavors but not diet peach! I've been spending a lot of time down in Provo these weekends and so I make it a point to grab one if we're at the store! Also I love jumbo smarties. Is it me or do they taste salty to you too? Just curious if I was the only one who thought that. 
I haven't posted any selfies in a while so I took some sleepy sun burnty ones. I actually take lots of pictures of myself. Which now saying that out loud makes me feel a bit conceded. Ha, but I think its good for your self confidence in a strange way. At least it is for me. When ever I see a good photo of myself (even a silly one) I always think, yeah ok..not as bad and I think! I did scoop myself out of bed, put on my fancy clothes and dragged myself to church. Which I'm glad I did because one of my friends ended up giving a talk. Its always uplifting and now I feel ready to start my week off strong!

Phew what a weekend! I hope you all survived your adventures. It is officially that time of year when you MUST wear sunscreen! Trust me, I learned first hand! I'm now going to carry some in my purse all summer to avoid any more ouchy-ness!

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