Dentist, Photos, Packages and Music.

It seems like my life goes from boring to not enough time in a blink of an eye! Its a bit annoying but I suppose thats life. So much to do, not enough time! The weeks started out slow and seems achievable, but then quickly unraveled to needing about 5 more hours in the day. Tomorrow I've errands that I still need to run, fund raiser at work, photos of sisters to take, care packages to the Philippines to get ready to send and a dentist appointment to brave! Sigh, wish me luck!

On the bright side tomorrow I'm going to see WILD CHILD!! I've had these tickets for a month! I'm super excited and hoping that they play all my favorite songs! Also, they are playing at a teeny tiny lil venue. So I don't think its gonna be too terribly crowed and I'm crossing my fingers for good weather.

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