Collage Mail #4

I guess this should be me "kinda" collage mail post. I didn't put forth all my efforts, but I still think they turned out awesome! Sometimes I'm just not feeling the collage-ness. (As you can tell!) But man, if I wait a week to make at least a few mail pieces I get so backed up! Which I kinda love, cause that means I'm getting lovely mail-ness! Although when it take me a while to respond I feel bad about it. I mean I love receiving mail and I love the thought of creating that feeling for someone else! 

 Now I'm not one for square envelopes. ( I hate paying extra postage for a silly reason) But I made a bunch of envelopes outta paper bags and they turned out wonky shapes, one being a square. It turned out well cause I was sending a mix tape with this letter anyways. Also, that lil smarty octopus is one of my receipt drawings!

Lots of things learned with this one. Such as, its better to start with a thicker envelope if you're coating it with modpodge. That flimsy sh*t will wrinkle! It was sooo frustrating, bubbling like crazy! ALAS, lesson learned and I think it turned out pretty well considering. 

Quicky envelope made outta a popcorn bag I got from the party store. I got a package of 50 for 2$. They are flimsy so whenever I use these I always tuck a postcard or drawing on card stock so it doesn't get completely ripped to shreds in the post. I wish I had stamps that better matched. I guess its time to order more Gregory Peck stamps, those match everything! 

Last but not least! i'm super happy how this one turned out! I've had that girly sitting in my scrap stack for ages! She never seemed to fit anywhere, so she got her own envelope! I'm kinda bummed about how the colors turned out, I really need to pay attention more so things don't get so lost. It could use a bit of contrast. Overall, very proud of myself! (p.s. this one was sent to THIS lovely lady, check out her blog, its awesome!)

I did these last weekend and I made more this weekend! I'm just slow posting about it! Also, with day light hours being short I'm finding it hard to take photos with natural light, hence the crappy quality. One thing I really need to improve on is my photography skills. Anyone wanna buy me a new camera for christmas? Like always, if you want a letter go HERE or email me at!


  1. these are awesome, remi! the admiration/inspiration is mutual! I would love to do a swap in the future, maybe after the holidays!

    xx allison

    1. I'd love to send you a letter! I'll for sure be contacting you the beginning of the year!

  2. Oh my goodness, you mentioned my name on your blog! Somebody pinch me please!!!!! :-) Thanks for the happy mail, I received it today!