Lovely Things: Pearly Whites

I've survived recent trips to the dentist. So I've been having lots of teeth dreams. I mean when you think about it teeth are kinda of really neat. So tiny yet so important! I mean have you ever had a tooth ache, you might as well be dead. Its so miserable. Not anymore! My teefs are all fixed! (Well for the most part.) Here are some toothy findings!

I'm such a sucker for a good screen print. Found in the KrisJohnson Etsy shop.

Cute toofy stamp! I bought a few of stamps from The Small Object and they're awesome! Found in the Small Object Etsy shop

I've been a huge fan of Emily Martian for ages. She's got such a unique style and I'd love to have one of her prints. Found in the Black Apple Etsy shop

Teeth ornaments! Do you think Zoei would let me do a teeth themed Christmas tree? Found in the Native Bear Etsy shop!

My sister got her wisdom teeth out a while ago and suggest making jewelry outta them. I thought the idea was kinda really gross, but after seeing this necklace I'm second guessing her craziness. Found in the Woodii Etsy shop! 

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