Write_On Week 3!

I'm doing my best at keeping caught up with this challenge! I'm very elated to report that I only got 2 behind BUT I did some postcards to make sure I got caught up this week! I'm sure I'm accidentally sending people the wrong things, but so it goes. Keeping things organized has never been a strong trait of mine. I do enjoy that this challenge is making me actively think about mail, art and how I can send more beautiful things though the post. The #write_on has been insanely inspiring! I've also been using up bits of random stationery that had been lost in my stash. I'm happy it winding down but excited to push myself to send more mail!
 Layered collage style will always be my favorite!
 I had these leftover red envelopes that turned out way more wintery then I thought they would.
 I've also been trying to watercolor more to build that skill up so I did a few postcards!
 This second batch was better than the first but I still have a ways to go!

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