Paper Making!

I made some paper this last weekend! This is only my second time making homemade paper from recycled materials. The first time was AGES ago so it mostly felt like the first time undertaking this crafty project. Its a lot of steps which can seem daunting but once you're actually doing it I found it to be quite simple. This time around I bought a few additives (you can find them HERE) I was also more picky about the recycled paper I used mostly because I didn't want grey paper like the first time. Also I knew I needed to fix the sizing of the paper and I found THIS to be very helpful!
This time around I added some wildflower seeds to my pulp to make some plantable paper! They turned out quite chunky but in a lovely way. My original plan was to make some plantable calling cards for Grid Zine but they turned out too bulky. SO I think I'm going to punch out shapes and give them out as plantable confetti. I don't have a final plan but I do feel like there are lots of possibilities!
My second round was just some plain white paper. I've been collecting the trimmings off of the zines I've been compiling which left me with a lot of white scraps! I'd love to turn these into a zine somehow. I adore the idea of zines turning into zines. Its a beautiful endless paper cycle! I haven't quite figured out all the things I'm going to do with my new paper but I love trying to come up with new ideas and ways to use it. I always get excited over new art supplies! 

Overall I had a very lovely weekend. I highly recommended making your own paper! I got to spend a lot of time outside and soak up a lot of sunshine. There is something relaxingly beautiful about playing in water and paper pulp in breezy sunshine rays. I finally felt refreshed and c o n n e c t e d to Spring and everything that is coming! 

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