List of Thoughts + LINKS!

  1. Its officially April! April is my favorite month and also the busiest out of all the months. 
  2. It is also National Letter Writing Month and I'm doing (well going to attempt) the Write_On challenge! I'm sure I'll post more about it during the month. 
  3. Grid Zine is coming up this month. I've been busy preparing some new zines and little bits to share with the good people of Salt Lake!
  4. In preparation for the zine fest I've been trying to create some new calling cards. I never know if this is something I should bring with me or not, but as always its better to have them and not need them then to not have them at all! I found THIS post with tons of inspiration. 
  5. Of course any time I decide to put my art out there I get waves of insecurity that pile on like blankets. I know that zine festivals are good for me but everything else in my brain says you're not good enough. Its silly I know, but a hurdle none the less!
  6. I'm completely over the moon about the artist Marija Tiurina. Her work makes me want to better my watercolor skills. Find her work HERE and THERE!
  7. Since I'm on the quest to better my water coloring skills I thought THESE pencils might be helpful? At the very least they look hella interesting and worth putting on the wish list!
  8. Its finally feeling like spring here in Utah. Its chilly but warm sun rays creep up on you and thaw chilled bones. April is always terribly rainy and spring rain happens to be my favorite! 
  9. I've been book marking a lot of recipes to try out and THIS one is on the top of the list.
  10. Spring never fails to being waves of worry, love and excitement! My heart feels heavy but hopeful. Spring is the best at bringing hope, isn't it?

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