April Showers + Recent Events!

The month of April has been a bit of a whirlwind for me! Actually the whole year has been a bit of an interesting one, but that would be kinda hard to fit into one post. So lets just talk about April! I don't want to say this month been treacherous but overall I'm a bit grateful for all these growing experiences.

List of April Events: 

Grid Zine Fest! 
I had a table at my very first zine fest. It was really awesome and I met a ton of cool cats! I was nervous as hell the whole time and totally forgot to take photos of our table. Which is why I didn't ever do a blog post. I really need to get better at taking photos. (I've said that about a million times!) I've convinced Zoei to do another festival during the summer so I'll remember to take photos then! Hopefully I'll be less nervous next time! I already have a whole list of new zine ideas!

Surgery/ Cyst Removal!
In February I went for a check up and discovered a strange bulge in ma belly. Turns out it was a dermoid cyst on my pelvic muscle (dermoid cysts are creepy as hell so I'm leaving it at that!) I spent a few days in the hospital and the removal as a success! I also had an oophorectomy. The cyst was (kinda really) huge and so out came the right ovary as well. I have to tell you I hate HATE hospitals. I've never stayed in the hospital before. I hate getting poked. I hate the smells. I just hate it. BUT I have some mad respect for those nurses! Everyone was so kind and helpful it kinda blew me away. My sisters are amazing at taking care of me and all my family that visited was so overwhelmingly supportive! Recovery has been slow but I'm feeling pretty good these days and I'm already back to work! I have a lot of projects and letters to catch up on since the past few weeks have been mostly sleeping! But I'll get around to it! (hopefully soon!) 

Mine and Zoei's Birthday! 
I'm now 26! This birthday was pretty mellow. I had dinner with the lovelies. Ate tons of yummy food and played some fun games! My sisters are dorky and I love when we all dork out together. We also ran around the park and flew a giant styrofoam plane. Which was so cool in the wind! This birthday also kinda sucked cause now I'm kicked off my parents insurance. Which is just one more step into adulting. I'm up to my ears in trying to pick a plan and trying to find something I can actually afford. Growing up kinda stinks sometimes! So it goes. 

Life is crazy. My heart feels sore from all the ups and downs that life is throwing at me. I have to remind myself to be grateful and thankful for everything I'm given, even all the not so great stuffs. I hope May has a little less hospital and nervousness and more clarity and confidence!

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