New Hair!

I chopped off a huge chunk of my hair last week! So far I am LOVING it! My hair no longer gets caught in my arm pits! I always go to Salon K in Provo. If you're looking for a hair salon its a good one to go to! Now I didn't take a good photo of the back, but I got an undercut! I keep meaning to have Zoei take a photo but I keep forgetting. Plus I'm a little afraid I won't like the way the photo looks. It is all the way back there, so I'm ok not looking at the way the back looks. I just make sure to style the front bits really nicely. haha
Heres what I hope it looks like back there! These are the photos that I showed the stylist. I have to say it feels so good! My hair is so much lighter and the shaved part feels oddly soft. Its a really cool hair cut and I'm kinda scared that I'm not cool enough for it. But luckily when my hair is down you can't tell that its shaved at all. So its kinda been like a secret. I haven't been brave enough to wear it up yet. One of these days I will though! AND one of these days I'll get a good photo of the back. 

How do you feel getting a new hair cut? Are you a dramatic hair cut person, or subtle hair cut person? Normally I'm a subtle hair cut girl, but I love the dramatic look I have now! 

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