Lovely Things: Craft Supplies!

There are SO many craft supplies out there! Lots of them I couldn't even dream of affording. I mean, sure if I stopped buying fancy pens for a while and saved up I might be able to save enough. But what kinda life would I have with out fancy pens?! Seems like my wish list of craft supplies keep growing and growing. So I thought I'd share a few of them here! If you have any of these let me know what you think! Was it worth the monies?
Stitch Happy! This is number one on my birthday list! They finally made a sewing machine for paper crafts. It can do much more then that, but I'd be using it mostly to sew paper. I love that you can use all different kinds of thread. Sewing with bakers twine seems awesome! I'm not sure what "multi media" needle means, but sounds like something I really wanna test out! Plus its mint green, my favorite! 
Silhouette Curio! I've been wanting one of these cutting machines for a while. Theres a few out there and they all kinda do the same things and all have the same huge price tag. I'll need to do a bit more research to find the best one for me. A lot of my pen pals use cutting machines and make the COOLEST bits to add into there letters. I always get to jealous! 
Cricut Explorer Air 2! Cricut has been a pretty big staple in the crafting world for a while. I'm glad that they not only have there famous die cutting machines but now one that hooks to the computer. Like I said I still need to compare, but this one looks so pretty! I wonder which is easier to use?
Washi Tape Printer! This is like one of the coolest label makers ever. That is coming from a girl that really loves label makers! I think one of these would be really handy, especially for mail art and art journaling. Although I'm sure my washi stash would get out of control! 
Minc by Hedi Swapp! I love gold shiny things. So something that makes everything shiny sounds awesome! Although this one does seem the least versatile out of all the expensive tools on the wish list. I do love that you can get all the minc supplies at any craft store. Michaels always has a huge selection. Which to me makes a difference cause its never fun to wait for supplies to be delivered! 

Oh many craft supplies so little time and never enough money! 

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