Lovely Things: Photography Bits!

I have a slight obsession with lomography and photography in general. I've been stumbling upon lots of really cool nifty photography things lately. I think this might be the summer I dust off all of my lomo cameras and possibly justify buying something new! I've really been wanting to hone in on my photography skills. (I've been saying that for ages!) BUT maybe now I'll actually do it. Or in the mean time day dream about all these dreamy photography finds!
Impossible Projects Duochrome instant film. How dreamy is this pink film! I love it! I really wish I had a Polaroid camera just to use this film. One day when I can manager to save enough money I'll be able to buy the I-1 Analog Instant Camera. Eek!
I read THIS really neat article about these little nifty bits to use 35mm film in a 120 film camera. Now these Japanese ones are a little expensive but I found THESE that are super affordable! I might have to start growing my Holga collection!
Camera bags! Camera bags these days are so cute! They are not dorky or bulky at all. I'm in love with JoTotes! I just love how classy this bag looks! 
Lomography disposable cameras! I love these and they look so simple to use and the example photos they have look amazing. I do wish the price was a little more reasonable. But who knows maybe over time they'll become more affordable. I did read THIS article that had a pretty good review and also introduced me to THESE that look like they might be fun to experiment with! I had no idea there were so many types of disposable cameras! 
Last but not least, this amazing video! I feel like I learned so much about lighting and processing. Also a little bit about our awful raciest background as a culture! Overall a really interesting video!

Still saving up to buy a DSLR and still researching to find the right one for me! If you have any suggestions let me know! 


  1. So I bought this Diana F+ lomo camera at the carboot-sale on Kingsday. It was a steal at 2,50 but I have NO IDEA how to use it XD * but how could I have left it at that price?!
    I put in some Kodak Film with the help of Youtube (yay for youtube) only to discover that there are no framenumbers printed on the back of the film....
    I have no clue how to figure out how far I should turn the dial to get to the next frame.. Oh god I feel like such a newb =O XD
    Anny helpful suggestions Miss Expert? ;)

    1. Oh how fun! That is a really good deal! Thats tricky with out the film numbers. I haven't ever been faced with that challenge. Somethings I would try are maybe counting and recording how many times you're rotating the advance film thingy, that way once you develop the roll you can kinda see how much you should be cranking it to the next frame. OR maybe taking two pictures of the same subject that way if they do over lap the backgrounds are similar? Haha I have no idea, but I'd love to see how your photos turn out!!