Zine Submission!

Fall of last year I signed up to be part of a collaborative zine held by the Halophyte Collective. The idea is that you sign up and they pair you with a buddy and you create a collaborative art piece. This was something really scary and challenging. Socializing (especially with artsy people) is really difficult for me and my anxiety. This was WAY outside my comfort zone, but I wanted to push myself to do hard things. I have to admit that I'm SO GLAD that I did! My partner is super talented and so very nice. I was really grateful that I got paired with someone so understanding and had great ideas! 

We ended up creating two pieces. First we took pages from books that have strong personal meaning to each of us (I chose Franny and Zooey!) and traded them. From those pages we each blacked out a chunk it to make a poem THEN swapped backed so we could illustrate the others poem! I'm really happy how mine turned out! I was nervous about the color palette but in the end it came together.
I'm really looking forward to this zine being compiled! I can't wait to see what both of our pieces look like next to each other. This collective is really awesome and am looking forward to see what other art zines they come up with! 

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