Ready For New!

The beginning of a new calendar year I always seem to dwell on the upcoming year. Something in the air around this time puts me in a m o o d. It is the same tingly feeling I get around birthdays and anniversaries. The reality of time passing getting tossed in your face, unable to avoid the meaning of it all. My goal for the past year was to lean into comfort. For the most part that is how I lead the year. With in the comfort I was still able to do hard, challenging, stressful things. Now that I've had a year to be soft and indulge in my comfort its time to embrace discomfort. It is time to do scary things- unusual things- meaningful things. Now it time to create beauty, feel the feelings and push myself to do more ( f e e l m o r e). 

I hope you too can embrace the feeling of the new year. Shed the shackles of the past and start something new.

Here's to you and yours, Happy New Year.

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