Upcoming Zine Submissions!

Seems like this is the season for open calls on zine submissions! There are 2 lovely zines that are looking for participants that I think some of you might be interested in! Seems like zines are a thing that are popping up all over Utah these days. I'm not sure if there are actually more or if I'm just opening my eyes all of a sudden. Regardless I think its awesome!

First off is the lovely Grid Zine! This zine is super proactive in organizing events and producing some awesome zines! I'm kinda in love with this theme because its so easy! These TONS of things I love about this season! Its hard to pick just one! This deadline is creepin up mighty fast. Which means I should get a move on it! If you love this season as much as I do you should submit something!
Second is Sego and Palisade Zine. This is a new one I've stumbled upon and this is there first zine they've put out. This kinda "theme" is  stories of women's experiences in Salt Lake City. Its a bit more tedious and insightful theme. I'm definitely going to have to noodle it over quite a bit before I decide what direction I'm wanting to go in. I am really excited to take part in this one, I love all things that empower women. Any chance we get to share our stories we should! 
This is directed more for ladies living in Utah, but don't let that stop you from thinking about your own town and your own stories! Every town is full of stories that need to be shared! 

I better get to work! So many cool things to participate in! Eeep. 

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