Lovely Things: Isn't It Odd!

Its already October! The season that is delightfully spooky and the only time of year that I feel its somewhat applicable to be creeped out. The fall always tends to give me a peaceful perspective on the cycle of life. Everything dies off with the hope of a spring revitalization. I'm not sure if its the idea of life or just tradition but I always get the urge to fulfill lifes emotions to the fullest and being creeped out is one of those. Since its just the beginning of October I'm not in the full swing of spookiness quite yet. As I was stumbling around the interwebs I found some really beautiful findings on the edge of creepy but oozing with beauty! Here are some odd findings I wanted to share!
Beautiful photo series by Maciek Jasik has me enamored! (found here)
 Its corn! This MRI series of vegetables by Andy Ellison is stunning! (found here)
My favorite thing about this is I don't know if the bees are HUGE or the skull is teeny. 
 I hope my embroideries will be this beautiful one day! (found here)
 Dainty little snake! (found here)
I wouldn't mind a bath full of clouds! (found here)

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