List of Thoughts + LINKS!

List of thoughts: 
1- I bought this fantastic book of old photos at an antique show last month. I'm guessing this photo album belonged to a tween girl and is full of gems like this! I love it. 
2-I've been full of feels lately and am becoming quite exhausted by my emotional baggage. I find myself avoiding thinking about the way I feel and instead watching THIS youtube channel. I can't understand a word she is saying but I don't care I love it anyways! 
3- Halloween is coming up and Studio DIY has the most brilliant ideas for us that wait until the last minute! So simple and clever! 
4- I know I say this about a million times, but time is going by way too fast! I turn around and the day is gone, I sneeze and the month is over! Craziness. 
5- THIS song will forever remind me of fall and gives me this strange warm heartbreak feeling. I still haven't decided if thats a good or bad reaction, but one I'm attracted too nonetheless. 
6- My sister is having a murder mystery halloween party. If you've been to one of these please tell me how it went! I'm kinda nervous but excited. I'm not sure how a hermit antisocial gal like myself will do at "acting" haha
7- This year we are doing homemade gifts only for Christmas so I've been trying to get ahead of it and start now. I'm terrible at waiting until the last minute! I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, but I really want to incorporate THIS glitter somehow! I'm thinking felt something, just for the glitter! 
8- I have funky digestion issues. I'm not sure what or why but, I go though phases where I eat really unhealthy then pay for it later. Its a terrible cycle! When I feel good I think-- hell I can eat this I'm all fixed! But then a week later I'm back to healthy food to try and make the ickiness go away. 
9- Anyways, I'm trying to fix my mistake and I think THESE energy bars might be the perfect thing for work so I stay away from the fries and soda! 
10- I love fries and soda so much. I'm pretty sure its going to be the death of me. Neither of them are good for my stomach. I find when I'm having a rough go emotionally (which seems to be a lot lately!) I want the comfort of fizzy drinks and greasy potatoes. I really need to find a better comfort food! Preferably one that won't kill me.

Happy fall my lovelies! I hope the world is treating you kindly. 

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